Lights on, and off.

Day, and night.

The eyes like white spaces,

But can be mesmerized with darkness.


Filipino Kid Problems

As a kid I’d sometimes end up sneaking in the bright-less night

Craving for some cold sweet dessert in a freezing box with light

Opening my fridge door, seeing a familiar red container

I got myself a spoon and cup, unable to wait any longer

Here I am on the counter, sighing in relief

That my craving  for some Ice cream will be satisfied as I’ve wished

But I opened it and cold steam rose to hit my face

I’ll exaggerate but I had some tears out of full distaste

Like most Filipino kids, we’d expect a nice sweet dish

But end up shoving it back in the box, after finding out that it was just fish.

Daily Prompt: Trio No. 3.

Thoughts in Free Verse: False Reciprocation.

I’ve known myself for having distaste for them.
Yet here I am, being hypocritical again.
Because I lied about what I feel;
I lied out of pressure.
I told you I liked you back,
And I did but not for long.
I find it hard to tell you the truth
Because you seem to have fallen deeply
Into your feelings
That cannot be returned
The way you want it to be.