An Analogy.


There was a kid with a stuffed toy on a small roller coaster. I guess it went too fast that the kid got scared and ended up crying all the time.

But then what was she even scared about? I believe she was scared of losing that stuffed toy she had with her.

I could see that there is more than one way to lose it.

Without proper care, the stuffed toy could end up broken, and she had to let it go.

If she kept pushing it away from her, she’ll lose it and it will never come back. It’s even possible that another child will learn to love it, and take care of it better than she did.

Or maybe the roller coaster just went too fast that she lost her hold on it.

She never wanted to let go of it, even if there are better ones out there.

Maybe all she wanted was someone to keep her company. Someone she could open up to, and be herself with. Someone who would listen, understand and won’t judge. Someone who would always be there for her as much as she seemed like she wanted to push them away.

That was just a maybe, and it sounded pretty selfish.
As imaginative as can be, her standards were set high.
But she gave them up for that stuffed toy.

No matter how many imperfections that stuffed toy had and how her mother wants her to get rid of it, she loved it. Even if she knew that it doesn’t budge, she still loved it.

Her older brother would always say that you should learn how to love yourself, before you could love anyone else.

Perhaps she loved it too much that she forgot how to.

Perhaps she shouldn’t have loved it at all.

But there’s nothing she could do about it now—she just loves it, and that’s that.

She’ll just wait for that stuffed toy to leave her on it’s own.