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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside.

I don’t know which photo to choose among these three haha.


 This photo, that I admit is blurry, is like taking a peek into a fairy-like world, where mushrooms can be used as umbrellas, or tables, or jumping pods. But I guess the blur of the photo can have its significance–it’s vague, it can’t happen; it’s imaginary. I took it a year ago, when I was still in 4th year high school. Supposedly for an Environmental Science project photo competition, but again, the quality. /sighs.


This was  taken last term for an Introduction To Psychology homework about Monocular cues, from an old condominium, still standing beside our university. No one could see this open square unless they pass the bridge-way between a building from inside to another outside the campus. I was about to take a picture of that square before, but then there were people… So I went back on another day haha.


Taken by yours truly during our LASARE1 (which is basically like a recollection), this photo reflects what’s hidden deep inside past our stressed college faces (well, okay, it was only reflected by most of my blockmates that are unaware that I am taking a photo of them who heartily laughed at one of their jokes).  We’re happy with each other’s company. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the things we use to keep us moving; the fact that we’d see each other everyday, and that we all endure the hardships of being Economics students together, as an irregular or not.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside.