The Color of Life

“Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?”

Trying  to consider the color and the object which I think has the most meaning, I think I would like to keep a bottle or a vial of blood with a healthy amount of oxygen. As I have found out recently from friends that are Biology majors, blood is actually white, but the oxygen gives it the color we usually see. But why this, you may ask? I could have just chosen an apple, or lipstick, or nail polish, or a sexy red dress, or maybe a different color such as blue, or green.

Well, I think a well-oxygenated blood can mean a lot of things.

Red is the color of passion; the feeling that drives you to do the things you do, the feeling that gets me typing here for you to read.

It’s the color that makes people hungry (as studies show), which is why fast food logos have a dominating red color. May I also say it is the color of ketchup? And I really really love ketchup on my burgers and fries.

Red is the color that reflects the feeling of love and lust– how he holds my hand, when he hugs me, and whenever we kiss, no matter how hard or soft it may be.

But red is also the color associated with hate and anger, and how your body heats up when you just loathe what your senses sadly pick-up for you–what you didn’t want to see, what you never wanted to hear, and sometimes, what you just accidentally tasted, or smelled, or touched.

Red is excitement, as you see Rudolf’s nose and Santa’s hats as Christmas is fast approaching.

Red is the color that can represent fear and pain, whether through physical wounds, or just plain red X marks on something you’ve worked hard on, or a test you studied all night for.

Red is pride, power, and wrath, that sometimes, you have to admit how  you love the feeling of taking control, and lastly red is a reminder for you to stop, and how dangerous things may be.

And as morbid as I could get, you can die when you run out of a lot of red (blood haha).

So I really think the color red is the representation of a lot of things in life.

Now you say: “Okay okay, we get it–we get why you chose red. But why blood?”

Think about it.

As you feel all these things, all these emotions I’ve mentioned, what runs within you?
Is it pure passion? Is it pure love and excitement?


It’s blood.

Blood rushes in your body whenever you feel these things. When you blush, when you get angry, when you feel exhilarated. It’s not really just love that makes your heart beat faster, it’s your blood.

In fact, to throw in another science note, the Hypothalamus is the one that makes you feel love, and other hormones make you feel the others.

But blood is what keeps you going, and even something that can bring you down. Blood is life and death.

Healthily oxygenated red blood.

So there you have it!

Sorry for any vague or unorganized thoughts, I was just free-typing haha. 🙂

I hope that with all those descriptions of red, I could describe to colorblind or blind people, what red is.

Daily Prompt: Local Color


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