All You Need Is Coffee.

  In Taft, it is usual that the favorite coffee shop hangouts of the students are Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Noriter, and Cafe De Seoul. But after some persistent suggesting from my  dearest cupcake (I call my boyfriend Blue, ‘cupcake’ hihi), he finally got me agreeing to go with him to this place called Lucky Bean Coffee Bar, which is located in front of DLSU (somewhat near North Gate/Henry Sy Gate, only more of being in front of the LS Building).

Honestly, because of its location and neighboring businesses, I thought the place was really sketchy. But when I entered inside, I was pretty impressed with what I saw.


I found the Halloween decorations really cute, because it  is  October. There are also a lot of doodles on the wall, which made the interior nicer for me because I’m kinda artsy!

The place was very clean, and the air conditioning was working very well, too. They play music from Spotify, but I kinda wished they play different playlists after one is finished, because based on my past two stays, they kinda play the same playlists over and over again.

They also have a small LCD screen hanging on the wall–as I’ve read within somewhere in the shop, you can ask the extremely friendly staff for help in case you want something to be put up there!

One of our favorite things about this coffee shop was the free WiFi! Blue, as a tech loving guy, found the speed impressive, but said that playing massive online games such as DotA and downloading torrents may slow it down. They change passwords everyday, so make sure to forget the network first before connecting again for your next visit. The passwords are really amusing, because they’re Halloween themed as well! On our first visit, it was ‘themummy’, and today it was ‘scarecrow’.

Just a heads-up though, you have to pay a small amount if you’re going to plug in devices for charging, which is still kinda worth it because imagine, 50 pesos to plug in your laptop for your whole stay in the establishment for that day PLUS that fast and free WiFi I mentioned earlier!


Now we get to the real stuff–the food!

…Which I cannot really describe in full because today was only my second visit.

BUT! I had some Vanilla Frappe and Garlic Fries last Monday, and some American Breakfast (Egg, Bacon or sausages, 2 toast cut into triangles, butter, and a choice among iced tea, coffee, or lemonade) and an Oreo Frappe (which, by the way, costed 160 pesos for 20oz)! Their frappes are made with Torani syrup (seen in the first picture if you look really REALLY closely on the shelves), and don’t cost above 200 pesos.

But aside from what I ate, they also serve cakes, pastries, pocket pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, waffles, and fries. For drinks, they serve a variety of coffee (obviously), cold caffeine drinks, hot & cold non-caffeine drinks, Arizona in cans, Soda Shaq, and some of their own creation of drinks (I saw their specials, they have some pumpkin spice latte that somebody should try out soon) as well.


My most favorite part of the store were two bookshelves–I know, I only have a picture of one, I’m sorry. 😦

The one not in the picture was a single-column bookshelf with two figures of shoguns, two to three other figures, some books, a Monopoly board game, Icebreaker cards, two other puzzles, and a printer. The books, the Monopoly board game, the Icebreaker cards, and the two other puzzles are free to use within the premises, as well as some magazines hanging at the end of their counter under the self-service area as seen in the first picture. The printer… I have to ask next time if it is also free to use or not (*fingers crossed*).

Now the three-columned bookshelf shown in the picture above, had a lot of stuff as we can see, and these are all for sale!! Items on that six-rowed shelf ranges from writing materials,  to art tools, to cologne, some Burt’s Bees, earphones, water packs, containers, dividers, hardbound notebooks, journals, planners, stickers, and a lot more! My personal pick is stored in the basket on the second column of the fourth row:



Those are two of many designs, and although they are noticeably different in thickness, both cost 80 pesos, while the thickest (that I didn’t get to buy) costs a hundred!

All in all, the Lucky Bean Coffee Bar may not be as popular and as high demand as Starbucks and the like, but it is definitely something new worth trying, and worth coming back for. Like their slogan says:

All you need is coffee.


Lucky Bean Coffee Bar

Operating Hours:

Mon – Fri: 7:00 am – 12:00 am
Sat: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Email them at

Or contact them via mobile at (+63) 915 550 8277.

Visit their Facebook Page at


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