Regrets; I have them all the time.



“Your photo is out of focus.”


My biggest regrets have always involved focus. 

Like what I did with my camera, I didn’t focus on studying, especially math.

I’m now an irregular student; I’m behind my academic flow chart of courses for my program.

If I chose to focus on the base of all the math courses I have to take for my whole college program,I wouldn’t be delayed–I’ll be taking two courses that are prerequisites to even more courses within my four years and one term.

I felt so redundant after typing that gosh.

But really.

I lack focus.

Like, right now I should be studying, but instead I’m here–blogging, chatting, thinking up of ways on how to commit suicide. 

My parents told me if I failed a subject, they’ll take me out of the university I’m in. I don’t even know where to go now; I haven’t even told them I failed.

I don’t know how to break it to them.

I just can’t.

So I’ll just think up of ways on how to end my life instead at the moment.

Like what I told my friend:

“Death is inevitable,

I just want mine early.”


Don’t worry, soon enough I’ll get distracted and find something else to do.


Today’s daily prompt: Regrets/Turning Point.


5 thoughts on “Regrets; I have them all the time.

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  3. Don’t think of taking your life. Your parents’ life will be worse than death. God has given you this life and you have no right to killing yourself. Try working harder in your studies. If you have failed now, it does not matter. Try to ditch your bad habits. Good Luck.

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